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This page has been set up to document the rebuild and ongoing development of my 1987 GTM Coupé.

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GTM Coupe

The GTM marque was launched in 1967 when Cheshire garage owner Bernard Cox and friend Jack Hosker created the Cox GTM (Grand Touring Mini).

Over the years the GTM name has passed from company to company,
In 1970 the rights to the design and manufacturing were bought by Howard Heerey and the Cox part of the name dropped.
In 1972 the production right moved to Heglass-Fiber in Hartlepool, then in 1976 to KMB Autosports, neither of whom produced any kits.
In 1980 ownership changed again to GTM engineering who produced, the redubbed, GTM Coupé in Sutton Bonington until 1994, the most successful period for the car.
1995 saw the rights pass to Primo Designs who offered the kit for several year, but sold none.
In late 2015 Hambly Sportscars Ltd. purchased the Coupe Project, and are now supplying spare parts, and hopefully complete kits.

In total around 800 kits have been produced

The Coupé is a mid-engined 2-seater sports car designed to give outstanding performance, for it's time and impeccable handling. The design composed of two Mini front subframes, with traditional Mini rubber cone suspension, linked by a 18-20 swg sheet steel semi-monocoque chassis. The chassis' deep centre tunnel backbone is supplemented by two generous sills. The car is mid-engined: the rear subframe contained the engine as in a Mini with the steering arms locked in position with adjustable rods and ball joints. This is held in place by a 1" square tubular space frame, all the way from the rear bulkhead. The front subframe carried the steering rack, fuel tank and radiator. Brakes and wheels remained as per the options available to the Mini, post April 1982 GTM coupés being designed to allow fitment of 13" wheels.

Car road legal after
2 Years, 11 Months, 4 Days, 9 Hours, 34 Minutes, 00 Seconds

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